Borrow money without BKR | Apply for a mini loan

Borrow money without BKR Borrowing money without BKR or borrowing money with BKR … these options are possible with applying for a mini loan. But at which mini-loan providers can you borrow money advantageously without BKR? You can borrow money without BKR testing at Zaloan. Money without a BKR check is usually discouraged, but there […]

Borrowing money after the holiday

  The holidays in the Netherlands are coming to an end and for many people a glance at their bank balance is not a very pleasant activity. The holiday was just a bit too expensive and in the coming months it needs to be done a bit slower. Of course, the normal costs also continue […]

This has happened to home loans over the past half year

Not long ago, the latest data on how the home mortgage lending habits have evolved over the past six months. It is very interesting to look at some trends and if we have not borrowed or are still vacant, the numbers and data can help us make a decision. Here’s to the fun! We borrowed […]

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