This has happened to home loans over the past half year

Not long ago, the latest data on how the home mortgage lending habits have evolved over the past six months. It is very interesting to look at some trends and if we have not borrowed or are still vacant, the numbers and data can help us make a decision. Here’s to the fun!

We borrowed significantly more

We borrowed significantly more

As predicted, the low interest rate environment and the high level of public support were well received by the population. So the preliminary calculations are working well and we can report a market growth of over 30%. Forint, this means that the banks have lent us nearly HUF 400 billion.

We have also noticed other interesting things from these statements, which you are probably interested in if you are thinking about borrowing .

We choose fixed loans

We are increasingly conscious of our credit transactions and this is very positive. Not only do we choose the right loan after careful research and comparison, but we also pay attention to details that we have not put so much emphasis on before. Such is the interest period.

78% of the loans taken out recently, ie over the last six months, have been chosen to have a term of at least one year. This is a clear sign of our willingness to spend a few thousand dollars more on repayments in order to “be safe” . During the interest period, our monthly repayment will not change.

It is also worth distinguishing between the length of interest periods

Because of international trends and the economic situation, experts expect interest rates to rise. Thus, even a 5 or 10 year interest period can be quite profitable for us. In fact, fixed-term loans can be a good option as record low interest rates will not last for 20-25 years.

One hundred words are over, and we are constantly taking on more and more credit as everything is added to it. We can advise that anyone who has a recent intention to borrow should not wait too long. Contact us! We’ll help you find the perfect solution and show you some tricks to make cheap credit even cheaper.